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let it be your privilege

My grandmother had an oven mitt hanging from her stove. I can’t imagine where she got it, because it read, “everybody here is really somebody” and who on earth would write that on an oven mitt? Or anywhere else, for that matter.

One night when we were gathered around her dining table for dinner someone pointed out that my grandmother had edited the oven mitt with some masking tape and a sharpie to read, “everybody here is really nobody” which honestly makes a lot more sense, if you think about it.

Somebodies are somebody but everybody really is a nobody, even the somebodies. And really, isn’t that just an enormous relief?





You want to go away for ten minutes?

This guy has been a bike messenger/delivery guy for thirty years. “It’s something I enjoy. It’s taken me decades to admit that I enjoy this.”

Delivery from NO WEATHER

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I have a very good feeling about this…


How long does it take to cut a watermelon in half with elastic bands?

This starts out annoying but I felt the ending more than makes up for it. Which I wish were true across the board for everything I’m relating this current Sun square Mars transit we’re going through. But whether your explosions are as lighthearted as this or perhaps a bit darker or maybe just internal, the one thing I feel confident about it the explosions. The suspense is what does you in. Waiting for it.

Not much longer now, though.

Just one more week of this wave, don’t fight it too hard, that’s when we get into trouble. The trick lies in going with it.

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Net Neutrality

Have you commented on the FCC’s site yet about Net Neutrality? Those of us who did (a million and counting) crashed the site and the deadline for comments has been extended until midnight tomorrow. The internet is many things, but probably the most important is that it’s the one place we have access to the voices of everyone in the country. That might not always be such a great thing, but it’s an important thing, it may be the one place where representation in America actually occurs in a public fashion anymore. It’s the last bastion of the American Dream. If it goes I may not be able to keep this site going, so this is very personal to me. I don’t want the internet to be a place where I only go to watch TV. That’s what TV is for.

Just do it. Take five minutes and tell the FCC that this is a really really bad idea. Because it is. Go here and tell ‘em so.

it’s true

I’ve got a jones on for this song, brought about by the fact that I have absolutely fallen in love with this photograph I found over on etsy some while back. But when I went to look for the song on iTunes there were several versions, so I headed over to YouTube to see which I liked best and wouldn’t you know my favorite version was featured on the most recent season of Californication, which I’m locked in one of my epic TV marathon battles with currently. It seems as good a way to ride out the last of Mars in Libra as anything, it’s so damned reckless and loving all the time.

The show brings up such complicated feelings with no attempt at resolve and no one ever seems to grow or figure anything out but somehow I just can’t stop rooting for the characters anyway. So I love the subtitle this YouTuber used to capture this song, because I think it’s true. I think we’re all seriously challenged in some way and we’re all seriously amazing too. We have to know it, own it, and keep going. We have to try.

And maybe the one we love will love us back or maybe she won’t, but we have to keep showing up until we break on through. I have to let my love open the door, because eventually someone might walk on through and it might not even be you, it might be me.

I’m ready for that.



what is American Ninja Warrior?

I have no idea what this show even is but I’m always down to take seven minutes out of my day to watch a woman kick ass while all the men watching cheer her on. Even with the over the top narration and hyped up visuals this was a rush. Plus what the hell was up with the last three minutes? DANG GRRL. Mars in action right there.

Saturn keeps on slipping into the future

timeghost The Greek name for Saturn was Kronos, as in Chrono, as in time. Which makes a strong case for Saturn being a bit of trickster, since the funny thing about Saturn is that those of us who are Saturn ruled tend towards being serious and contemplative and rather melancholy, especially when we’re younger, but then we get all whatever about stuff as we age and stop being such wet blankets. We’re actually less linear in our aging then most. Not all of us, mind you, but an awful lot of us. I can feel it happening to me now, and it’s such a relief.

It’s not because getting older is so great, exactly, it’s just that when you spend so much time thinking about things (Saturn really is about contemplation) it’s hard to avoid the obvious fact that time is on your side as much as anything could ever be. We’re all going to die. The earlier you are when you figure that out the longer you have to get used to it and the more relief you feel when it just doesn’t happen year after year.

After a long while of worrying over shit you can’t do anything about you can’t help but think “what the hell am I so worried about?” And once that thought has entered your head more than once or twice it gets stuck there and after that your melancholy is effectively ruined.

Freedom awaits.

some parting shots from Mars in Libra

This picture of the full moon in Capricorn courtesy of the fabulous Kat Baker

This picture of the full moon in Capricorn courtesy of the fabulous Kat Baker

I drove home from visiting a friend in Topanga Canyon Friday night and the full moon followed me the whole way. All along the PCH heading towards the glittering lights of LA the Moon floated above the ocean to my right, reflecting on the waves lapping into shore. I wanted so badly to abandon my car on the side of the road and rush headlong into the surf, floating on my back to soak it all in, but I was grown up and responsible and directed my car towards home.

It got in anyway. The tumultuous rush of this spring and the Cardinal Cross and Mars in retrograde and all of everything I’ve been going through and everyone I know has been going through somehow just seemed to slow down a bit there under that full moon, I felt like I could breathe properly for the first time in a long while.

Jupiter is at 29 degrees Cancer now, lending a last burst of insight before it slips into Leo on Wednesday, and I think we’ve got a moment now to just feel what there is to feel and make some sense of it all. Mars has two weeks left in Libra before it too slips into another sign, and while I won’t be sorry to see it go, I’m grateful for all that the Mars retrograde in Libra washed up on my shores.

And don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.

- John Steinbeck, on falling in love, in a letter to his son 1958

I learned that when you really fight for love it doesn’t matter whether you win the boy or girl or not, because even if you lose, love wins. Love is a magical, splendid thing, because love expands, it opens us up. Mars, our capacity to fight for what we want, is there to make sure we don’t forget what’s really at stake. We get confused, we think it’s there to defend us, to punish others, but in reality it’s there to defend our principles. With it going through Libra, it’s been there to defend love, to defend our ability to connect.

Sometimes that does mean defending ourselves, so if someone makes righteous living difficult then we need to remove them from our lives and Mars will help us do that, but it isn’t really about that person or how we react to him or her specifically, it’s about us honoring our loving spirit, and safe-guarding our ability to generate loving thoughts over time.

So Steinbeck is right, we mustn’t worry about losing. We must love knowing that we may lose the objects of our affections but that loving itself is what’s important. We may lose the person, place, or thing we love, but we don’t have to lose the love. In fact, we may find on the other side of it that we have somehow got more to give than we did before.

There is no need to rush because there is nowhere to get and everything to be.

The Sound of Star Trekking

I’ve had this playing on my headphones for the last hour and I feel like I’M ON THE ENTERPRISE, you guys!!!  So cool.

YouTuber cyrsknife007 isolates brief television clips of ambient spaceship sounds and just repeats them on a loop for however many hours s/he’s inspired to do so. S/he (?) says it’s “Great for relaxing, meditating, drowning out other annoying noises, or pretending you are in deep space.”

Yeah. That last one right there. Let’s do that.

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