Roller Coaster

I hate roller coasters. But my cousin’s kid is in town and he loves them. Last year he dragged me to Six Flags, but this year I got lucky and he was satisfied with Universal Studio’s.  All day long I was just grateful we weren’t in Germany, where apparently people ride this damned thing. Can you imagine?!!


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Venus squaring Mars conjunct Saturn

Even the most venomous sting has its beauty. Tomorrow Venus squares Mars and Saturn and it’s a good time for finding the beauty in the sting. You may have to go off alone to do this, or maybe you’ll be in the company of someone who can help, but one way or another it’s time to look more closely at something you’ve been looking at for awhile. Use all your powers of love and see if you can surprise yourself. Tomorrow you truly may feel you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Salvese quien pueda

I thought about googling a translation of these lyrics but I thought better of it. Sometimes it’s nice to let the melody wash over you. This song is definitely one of those that does that, over and over. Gentle, but insistent.


sad or happy?

Sometimes things are so beautiful I can’t tell if they’re sad or happy. This suits me either way.



Little Clown, My Heart

Little clown, my heart,
Spangled again and lopsided,
Handstands and Peking pirouettes,
Backflips snapping open like
A carpenter’s hinged ruler,

Little gimp-footed hurray;
Paper parasol of pleasures,
Fleshy under tongue of sorrows,
Sweet potato plant of my addictions,

Acapulco cliff-diver corazón,
Fine as an obsidian dagger,
Alley-oop and here we go
Into the froth, my life,
Into the flames!

-Toni Cisneros




HOly SmOkes!

Barbara Kruger, The Indomitable SpiritI woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was that I’d totally forgotten to write a post yesterday. Like, TOTALLY.

I don’t think I thought about it once all day.

In fairness I spent the first half of my day getting ready to leave town to drive up to San Francisco to stay with a friend, the second half of the day driving up to San Francisco to stay with a friend, and the whole evening hanging out and eating dinner with said friend. So it’s not like I wasn’t distracted…

But still. STILL.

It seems like I should be freaking out, like I broke a Ming dynasty vase or something. I mean, traditionally when I’ve reneged on a promise to do something work related the crushing sense of defeat that descends is pretty overwhelming, but this morning, upon realizing what I’d done, in the wake of the utter surprise that I could actually just FORGET to do it, I just shrugged.


like that.

I mean, really, what am I going to do? Send in military police? Ransack my psyche looking for trouble? So I missed a day. It’s not like I hit a deer and caused a five car pile up.

Missing a day no longer means that I won’t write ever again. I think when I started it had that kind of urgency to it, but now it seems like something I just, you know, do. Like brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins. You might miss a day here or there, but ultimately that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that you showed up more often than not and took care of what there was to take care of.

You know what this means, don’t you? It means that REMEDIAL MEASURES WORK, you guys!!!

For real, for sure and for certain.

Remember how I started writing every day because my Mars is sluggish and I have a hard time committing to things? No? Read this. I think maybe my Mars isn’t so sluggish anymore. I think I’ve learned to commit to something unconditionally because getting off track for a bit no longer means everything is ruined.

It just means you pick up and start over.

Which is what I was doing anyway. Every day. You just pick up and start over. Over and over and over. Rinse and repeat.

Why do you do what you do?

Because you do. That’s why.



Second Saturn Return in Scorpio: Big Brother takes all

Bless his heart, Leslie Jordan is going through his second Saturn return stuck in the Celebrity Big Brother House. And not just any second Saturn return, oh no, his Saturn is conjunct his ascendant in Scorpio. It’s a pressure he’s known since birth, so if anyone can make a success of this configuration it might just be him…


tonight in Ferguson

I don’t know about you, but I’m glued to my laptop tonight. I simply cannot believe what is happening in this country right now. That’s not true, I can totally believe it, what I can’t believe is how BLATANT it is, it’s so blatant that even CNN is calling it out.

Here’s some of the best stuff I’ve seen:

12 things white people can do now because Ferguson

Reddit live feed from Ferguson

What a Getty photographer captured before he was arrested in Ferguson

Amensty International’s twitter feed is pretty great too:

I’m so mad right now. How can anyone be indifferent about this? How can people not be upset? Why isn’t everyone talking about this?



You run and you run and you run and it’s just never enough

I recently read that FB is about to flag satirical articles from The Onion and similar sites to prevent people from being tricked by them. Sigh… That just seems so wrong to me. I mean, it’s hard for me to imagine how anyone could take a video like the one above for seriously, but there’s something about the fact that they do that just makes them even funnier.


Rare Earth

Somehow this song came up during a google search of Venus. I haven’t heard this song for years, but there was a summer when I used to listen to it over and over. It was right after my ex left me for another woman and this song wore a deep groove in my heart when I couldn’t get away from the feelings. Time was I could play this tune and all those feelings would well up again, but that time is long gone. I don’t feel anything anymore. It’s amazing how you can feel something so intensely and then it just goes away. It’s good to remember that. Everything goes away in the end. There’s no point hanging onto anything. In this way loss will teach you more about living than anything else.