10 weirdest things found in space

These are pretty weird all right. Zombie stars and a water reservoir larger than the oceans of the earth encompassing a black hole pulsing with the energy of a thousand trillion suns. #perspective


older goat to younger

I’ve been babysitting my nephew all weekend. The first two days were pretty great, but today I think this just about sums it up. Bless us both. We tried. But that Venus Pluto opposition ran right across his Cap Moon conjunct my Sun. We were like England and the US, separated by a common language, both stubbornly repeating the same mistake over and over and over expecting to get different results.

good night irene

My mum used to sing this to me and my brother. At least I think she did. Now that I’m listening to it it’s seems like kind of a funny song to sing to a kid. It sure is sweet, though, and it makes me feel nostalgic and soft inside like some sort of band is snapping between me and someone I used to be and maybe still am if I forget myself long enough.

UPDATE: My mum emailed me to say that this is a song she and my uncle and aunts used to sing around the campfire at night, so I’m not crazy after all.

Free at LAST!

FINALLY Mars moves into Scorpio! Let’s DO this!

Urban Isolation from Russell Houghten on Vimeo.

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Just think of the prisoners in the Bastille…

I have never actually watched A Little Princess, I loved the book far too much to ever be able to accept Sara as a blonde. But that’s ridiculous and I’m a whole big growed up person now, so I’m going to give it a shot. The book contains one of the most significant lessons I ever learned as a child, which was don’t feel sorry for yourself! Just think of how much worse the prisoners in the Bastille had it! Or wretched wretched Gaza. Or the parade of homeless people taking turns manning the front door of my grocery store. Count your blessings and don’t stop. Keep counting.

If you know a young child who has enough to eat and parents who love him or her, yet has just begun to experience some difficulty in that god awful wasteland we call preadolescence may I recommend this book? It was a great comfort to me for many friendless years. It still is.

How to Pronounce Uranus

This video is great in so many ways and you should watch it.



Sounds that feel good

I recently stumbled upon one of those internet worlds that you would never imagine exists until you stumble upon it and then you simply marvel at how large something can be that you never imagined existed.

Click at your own peril:

AMSR: Sounds that feel good

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Everybody Here


let it be your privilege

My grandmother had an oven mitt hanging from her stove. I can’t imagine where she got it, because it read, “everybody here is really somebody” and who on earth would write that on an oven mitt? Or anywhere else, for that matter.

One night when we were gathered around her dining table for dinner someone pointed out that my grandmother had edited the oven mitt with some masking tape and a sharpie to read, “everybody here is really nobody” which honestly makes a lot more sense, if you think about it.

Somebodies are somebody but everybody really is a nobody, even the somebodies. And really, isn’t that just an enormous relief?





You want to go away for ten minutes?

This guy has been a bike messenger/delivery guy for thirty years. “It’s something I enjoy. It’s taken me decades to admit that I enjoy this.”

Delivery from NO WEATHER

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I have a very good feeling about this…