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astrology, pop culture, and other tales of Wonder

Astrology & Pop Culture

Single Girl

I’ve been mostly very single for over ten years. I’m not closing the door on partnership. Far from it. It’s just that from here on out, I’m starting with my relationship to myself first. And you know what? I’m more connected and enjoy closer relationships now than ever before. Now I just want to share with everyone how much richer the world gets when you stop focusing on what you lack and start focusing on what you have, because that’s the kind of heart love really blossoms in.

Healing a Broken Heart

I used to think a broken heart was something you had to put back together, like a favorite dish that fell on the floor and would never be the same again. Now I see that heartbreak often comes from the need to expand. Like a snake shedding a skin, your heart is just too big for the cage you’ve been keeping it in.

Children & Astrology

Nothing confronts our anxiety about fate quite like a child. Here you have someone all shiny and new with no mistakes yet made in him or her. As adults we have a natural instinct to want to make sure that no mistakes EVER happen, but not only is this impossible, it’s a bad idea. Reading children’s charts is one of my favorite things to do, because the comfort that comes from knowing you were made this way is nothing compared to the comfort of knowing your child was too.

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