Should we be worried about how Cesareans affect the natal chart?

It’s almost a year ago that I got the call.  I’d been expecting it for a week or so, ever since my sister-in-law told me her doctor had strongly recommended a C-section due to certain complications with her pregnancy.  She waited as long as she could, but finally the doctor said it was either the next morning or wait till Friday and he wasn’t entirely sure the baby would wait till Friday.  So Julie was calling to tell me she’d made her appointment for the next morning at 9:30 am.

Of course I ran home as fast as I could to pull up the chart.  Imagine my horror when I saw that the ruler of the chart would be in detriment afflicted by an opposition from Saturn and in THE. 12TH. HOUSE.  It’s in moments like these that I really really doubt my conviction to practice astrology and start to hate the whole thing, ’cause WTF.  I mean, what am I supposed to say to Jules?  Reschedule?  This time doesn’t work for me, your child will be one hot cosmic mess???

In any event I needn’t have worried.  There’s astrology, and then there’s life.  But to get back to the story, of course, I did tell her – what was I supposed to do?  She asked…  I got to the hospital at 9:15 and found Jules, my brother (looking more anxious than I’ve ever seen him) and Jules’ sister, Kelly.  Jules was holding court in her hospital bed and the ward was super busy, nurses bustling about everywhere.  Turns out there were two emergency Cesareans that morning, (which, HELLO! sounded about right according to the chart I’d pulled up for that time…) so Jules had been put on hold for a bit.  While we were waiting Jules asked me if I’d looked at the chart.  I’m a miserable liar.  I told her everything was fine, but if she could wait till after 9:40 it would be better.

My brother blanched – he hates it when I say stuff like that – so I back-pedaled, said, “but you know, that’s just astrology, this is life… ”  Still, I was enormously relieved when they didn’t wheel Jules out of the room until 9:30 am and then I was just crossing my fingers for the next forty-five minutes waiting to hear how it went.

Turns out it went fine.

OK.  Better than fine.  So good I have to pinch myself sometimes.  Due to some complications during the procedure, my nephew was born a little late – so in addition to having all his fingers and toes and a perfect button nose, little dumpling T was born at 10:08 am with a Gemini ascendant perfectly conjunct his father’s sun.

Can you tell?  10th house Sun in Pisces with Jupiter in Pisces conjunct the chart ruler AND bonifying a Capricorn moon.  He’s only my favorite person on the planet.

Can you blame me?  LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!!!!  Sorry for yelling, but I mean, really, LOOK AT THEM!!!  Sigh…  Anyway, so the moral of the story is there’s astrology and then there’s life.  In many ways the former really is simply a tool for measuring the latter, and while it does seem to offer some beguiling hints at ways to cheat, manipulate, or control the latter, the truth is that’s a fool’s game.

Even if you could see everything clearly around door number 3 why would you want to?  Life is for living, not controlling.

I attended a lecture at some astrology conference a few years ago and an astrologer (forgive me, I can’t remember who it was) told a story about how he and his wife carefully plotted out the time they would have the C-section for their baby to give her the best birth.  Well the day came and, much like the situation with my nephew, there were complications.  The child was born at least an hour later – maybe more.  And guess what?  Her chart was even better than the one her parents had plotted for her.

In Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), John Lennon sings to his son Sean, “life is just what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  Astrology gives us a great tool for making plans.  But sometimes life has other ideas.

And really, sometimes that might actually be for the best…

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