Throwback Thursday

Me and Ellen at an underthesea party we threw. Those are lollypops Ellen made in the shape of fishies and taped to the dresser behind me. And all the way up on top of all that is an Orca whale my grandmother bought me before I went to college.

About a hundred years ago I went to college in England and met some of my favorite people ever.  Here I am with my roommate, Ellen, who could always be counted on for costumes and treats and tea and common sense and often a bit of eye-rolling at my many American enthusiasms.  God, I miss her.  She’s a mum now, with two little ones under five.  She lives in the Netherlands and she blogs about it with her patented self-deprecating dry humor and it makes me laugh and feel like no time or distance has passed at all.

This morning I came across a post on her blog I hadn’t read yet about trying to get her son to eat something with his mayonnaise.  (Apparently that’s what the Dutch dip things into instead of ketchup?!  I’m moving there!)  Suddenly it’s like I’m there in her kitchen or she’s there in my nephew’s, because I’ve seen this scene a thousand times but through Ellen’s eyes, it just doesn’t seem old in the least.

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  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Wow, thanks wonder! I miss those times too – you are welcome anytime to come and sample the chips and mayonnaise over here in the Netherlands. Solly still loves his mayonnaise with everything, but there are times that I have managed to get a vegetable to pass his lips. His new thing is broccoli, which he has decided will give him “big muscles”
    – and by the way the picture is not awful – you look very attractive in a fish head!

    • Wonder Bright
      Wonder Bright says:

      HAHAHAHA oh that FISH HEAD!!! That’s great you’ve got Solly eating broccoli, and you should thank your lucky stars it’s mayo and not ketchup! T won’t eat anything without it, including asparagus and lettuce. No wonder the poor thing hates it. Can you imagine a ketchup salad? UGH. Horrendous. Sigh… I’m gonna come visit your little family one of these days, I’m determined. Till then I will live vicariously through your funny stories about your life there. It makes the distance seem ever so short. XO

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