Buffy bein all Capricorn

I was actually looking for a different Buffy the Musical tune to illustrate this post.  The one where the Scooby gang is searching for Buffy and Willow sings her only line in the show, “this line’s mostly filler,” because that’s all I’ve got in me today.  Filler.  But that one didn’t come up, instead this much darker one with Sarah Michelle Geller singing about why she wishes her friends hadn’t magicked her back from the dead.  Some serious Capricorn dramarama going on here.  Seriously, what other sign prioritizes duty as the most important reason to live?  Bunch of sad sacks, really.  But the last lines from Spike always make me tear up anyway.  If you’ve got nothing else, then duty is a pretty good bet, there’s always plenty of it to go around.  Anyway, Buffy’s probably my favorite Capricorn, and here is SMG putting the smolder into depression.