Daily Dose of Wonder

Amer Fort

So far the most remarkable thing about this Mercury retrograde season is that FIVE people in four days have canceled plans with me.  I’m happier than a pig in shit over it, too.  Especially after last week which was incredibly social and I scarcely had three hours to myself.  You can’t imagine what I go through making plans with people.  First of all it means you have to leave your house, which UGH.  That brings a whole host of things along with it like bathing and looking presentable, but even worse, it means that you’ve got to talk to people and listen and absorb them and be up for it.  It takes a lot out of me, to be honest.

No one who knows me casually believes me when I say I’m an introvert because I’m really friendly and talk to strangers a lot, I’m usually cheerful and genuinely interested in others.  But that’s just when I leave my house.  I can guarantee you I don’t talk to strangers when I’m in my house alone for days at a time.  …at least not yet, maybe in thirty years when I’ve succumbed to the cultural ideology about spinsterhood and started collecting cats, but that’s a ways off yet….

So it’s been a huge relief to me that five engagements have been canceled in the span of four days.  I was all worked up about today because it had THREE things in it with THREE separate people I had to meet with and as of last night at nine pm there’s ONLY ONE.  I slept like a baby for almost eleven hours last night.  It was awesome.

You know, I always imagined I would have a husband or wife and two or three kids by this age, but now that it’s here and I don’t I’m so relieved.  What on earth would I do with them?  People are so exhausting.

I mean, I love you guys, but seriously.  #shutupandleavemealone