Daily Dose of Wonder

This post is brought to you by the hilarious Lissette Schuster, because I’m lying fallow today, folks.  And I totally blame Mercury Retrograde.  Or Mercury IN Retrograde, as we commonly call it today.  My friend Barry doesn’t like this phrasing, but I’m 100% on board.

It reminds me of that ad for Palmolive years ago where the all knowing manicurist soaks her clients fingers in the dish soap and pitches the virtues of it to them, ending with the quip, “you’re soaking in it!”   I’m pretty much always re-thinking, re-working, re-reing everything, so I like Mercury retrogrades because it’s an opportunity to talk up that way of being.  Go on, relax, it’s a Mercury retrograde!  You’re soaking in it!

I personally do not ascribe all the travails people usually do to Mercury retrogrades, I wouldn’t tell someone never to sign documents etc under it, for instance, but I am ALL in favor of people unapologetically taking more time off, smelling the roses, and in general gadding about in their pajamas.

So if there’s a cultural zeitgeist afoot to blame periods of introspection and processing on Mercury retrograde I say HELLS YEAH.  Let’s soak in it.