Daily Dose of Wonder

I started early this morning on my Daily Dose, as per usual, but got called away to complete something that’s been hanging over my head for months.  When I returned and checked in on Facebook, I saw that two of my best girlfriends in Astrologyland had posted stuff about today’s unique astrological configuration, namely the fact that today is the second of three times this month that Mercury will be conjoined with Saturn in Scorpio.

Chani says “STOP EVERYTHING AND MEDITATE, or, DON’T STOP ANYTHING BUT MAKE EVERYTHING YOU DO A MEDITATION. Words, thoughts and communications are especially weighty now, the alchemical mental processes is extra important to pay attention to.”  All day, whilst tied up in crossing things off my ever growing list, my thoughts were heavy and sharp, preying on my mind.  The post I started this morning took on new forms, shifting in my minds eye the more I thought on it until it became quite clear it’s a part of something much larger I have to begin.  Chani wrote much more, you can check it out here, and it’s well worth the click.

My dear friend Kate is feeling the heaviness of the conjunction and the weight of the corner our world has painted itself into.  Her post contains a link to a biologist who predicts (if we keep going the way we currently are) the extinction of human life by 2040.  Kate uses the Mercury Saturn conjunction as a lodestone, she urges us not to despair, but to “go further into the (apocalyptic) experience on a personal level now. Don’t turn away from it. Use this time to really contemplate what gives your life meaning. Be honest, if only with yourself.”  Please click over to her post to see how she ends it, because T R U T H.

The video I posted above was taken yesterday, it’s of a man riding one of the biggest waves in history a few hours after he saved the life of a friend.  Let’s take a page out of his book.  We’ve only got a short time here.  Let’s use it wisely and let’s LIVE.