Beatle in the 12th House


I woke up this morning with a Beatles lyric stuck in my head.

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

You know the one, press play if you want it stuck in your head too.

The funny thing about this song is that if you don’t listen carefully you might think he’s saying that he’s trying to stop his mind from wandering.  But really he’s saying that he’s locking himself away from all other distractions so that his mind can wander at will.  He’s prioritizing the distractions of the mind over the distractions of the external world.  He’s not coming out unless his mind takes him that way.

I’ve always been inclined like that.  I never knew it was a problem until I started dating extroverts who took it personally when I disappeared.  There’s an argument no one can win.

Paul McCartney knows what I’m talking about:

See the people standing there who disagree and never win
And wonder why they don’t get in my door.

Ok, but wait!  McCartney wrote this song?  I was surprised by this.  Of course, musically it sounds like a McCartney song; bouncy and upbeat.  But lyrically I associate the themes of the song, isolation and mind wandering, with the 12th house and since I’ve got three planets in Capricorn there I’ve got loads of reasons why the 12th house is anything but upbeat.  So I was surprised to find that it was a McCartney song, and not a George Harrison song, who seems distinctly more Saturnine, as befits a dutifully sorrowful 12th house native.  So then (my mind wandered) what is McCartney’s chart like?  (‘Cause OBVIOUSLY the person who wrote this song has a strong 12th house and more importantly a joyful attitude I should maybe think about adopting!)

Turns out there’s a discrepancy over McCartney’s time of birth.  His birth data has a Rodden rating of B (meaning there’s no written proof and contradictory source times).  He was either born at 2 am or 2 pm and no one can agree which it is.  The 2 am time seems to the one most widely accepted, but that time doesn’t point towards a particularly strong 12th house, whereas the 2 pm time gives him a Leo Moon in the 12th.  Obviously, I like that time better since it shores up my theory, giving him loads of bouncy joy about being locked up in his 12th house “painting the room in a colourful way.”

I’m FAR too lazy to do the research to back up my theory, (said research would include matching multiple dates with events from McCartney’s life to ascertain which birth time is correct).  Fortunately I don’t have to do any of that, since I know someone who’s done it all already.  I just messaged my pal, Nick Dagan Best (the human ephemeris) for confirmation.  Nick has done copious amounts of research on all things related to music in the twentieth century and has a particular passion for The Beatles.  Aaaaand, according to Nick, the 2 pm time is CORRECT, because “That Virgo rising gets hit hard by Mars retrograde in Virgo each time.”

Whatever, Nick.  I could’ve told you that!  This song totally PROVES McCartney has a 12th house Leo Moon and a Virgo Rising!!  Obviously.

I’m not sure why this song was in my head this morning.  I’ve never intently listened to the lyrics before, let alone analyzed them.  I just grew up singing them.  But when I sat down to write a post this morning, all I had to go on was the opening lyrics to Fixing a Hole and the photograph at the top that I took of this candle in front of my Pearblossom Hwy print.

Oh!  And some panic.  I had a bit of panic too.  Nothing a cup of tea, some mind wandering, and good theme song can’t fix.  Let’s have Paul take us out…

And it really doesn’t matter if
I’m wrong, I’m right
Where I belong I’m right
Where I belong.