The Good Wife: Got Pluto?

Demon Will

Demon Will gives good side-eye

Today’s post is brought to you by, you guessed it, The Good Wife.  What did you think was going to happen?  It’s Monday!!  It aired last night!  So, despite the fact that pretty much no one read my last post about it I’m going to write another one!  That’s what a Pluto transit will do to you, (it’s transiting my Sun right now) it renders you obsessive and self serving.

Speaking of which, can we talk about what an enormously entertaining A-hole Will Gardner has become??!  SO awesome.  So hot.  So glad I don’t know anyone like him in real life.  Here he is above giving Diane the side-eye after she had the temerity to tell him not to let Alicia “get in his head.”

His response?  “No. (BEAT)  That’s exactly where I want her.”


For realz, guys.  This guy is the POSTER child for Venus/Pluto dramarama.  I love how unrepentant he is, how full of life and zest and joy.  The intense Revenge Flirting with Alicia he enjoyed when she called a disciplinary hearing against him isn’t nearly enough to satisfy his insatiable lust.  So naturally he’s picked up some random CRAZY girl in a bar (oh man, I can’t wait for THAT time bomb to go off!) and he’s having totally hot sex with her ALL THE TIME.  In FRONT of people.  He’s shameless, basically just riding one wave after another of Revenge, Lust and Greed.  He’s totally enjoying this transit of Pluto to his Venus.  Dirty bird.

He should be more careful.  A Pluto transit is something to treat with respect, there’s a reason it elicits warnings from astrologers.  Not everyone enjoys the experience.  For instance, the mastermind behind Girls Gone Wild, and that poor idiot girl who dressed as a Boston Bomber victim for Halloween both have Venus in Aries getting hit by a conjunction to Uranus squaring Pluto.  To be fair, it’s probably the Uranus hitting their Aries Venuses that is causing the worst of the trauma.  Aries demands independence and autonomy anyways, it’s not an easy placement for Venus, which craves connection and unity.  With Uranus there, the planet that demands freedom at all costs, and Pluto squaring Uranus (a square indicates conflict with external circumstances) it’s pretty much a recipe for some profound earth shaking.

Will's Power Pose

Will’s Power Pose

Fortunately for my Sunday nights I don’t think Will is going to be more careful.  I think he’s going to be exactly NOT careful.  He’s been sitting on this animosity and aggression for a very long time, playing nice, being honorable, doing the right things.  And now he’s feeling vindicated, he’s feeling like he doesn’t have to behave anymore, as if in betraying him, Alicia gave him permission to be as evil as he’s always wanted to be.

Turns out that’s pretty evil.  But with Pluto in Capricorn on his side (Darth Vadar anyone?) he might – just might – come out ahead.  Of course, it would be a mistake to count Alicia out.  That one is sly, deep, and complicated.  Smart and resourceful, sure, but more than that, she’s emotional.  She’s passionate and intense and frankly a little bit nuts.  She almost always zigs when you think she’s going to zag.  I smell Scorpio.  She’s more than a match for Will, which is exactly why he’s having so much fun.  Venus and Pluto combinations need a fight to really get excited.  It’s as if the fight is foreplay for them.  I predict that the cliffhanger at the end of this season will include those two having some seriously upsetting Revenge Sex.

Will it result in Will assuming the universal pose of victory, as he did at the close of last night’s episode?  Who knows?  That’s for laters.  Right now it’s Alicia: One, Will: One.  The ball is in your court, Alicia…