Daily Dose of Wonder

Oh god you guys, I wrote from seven till about 4:30 and I couldn’t finish the thing I was writing on. (In fairness I was writing about Twilight, so who amongst you can blame me?! There’s a lot going on there) but the point is I’m SWORN to write something every day and the day is rapidly drawing to a close. Worse I’ve had a couple drinks and now I feel a bit worse for wear or at least as though the words flowing so easily may be words I’ll regret in a minute. So I’m going to leave off Twilight and just post this picture of downtown LA from downtown LA where I’m wandering with a friend. It’s been a good day, it’s just been a day filled with no comment which makes commenting a touch superfluous. But that’s what cameras are for. Be happy wherever you are, and if you can’t be that, at least be true to yourselves. X