Bed Bugs Day Six

Well, I finally got to bed last night at about 8 pm.  Which means I was up for over 36 hours prepping for the exterminator and doing laundry OH MY GOD THE LAUNDRY.  Today I mostly slept but this evening I managed to clean a pathway through my house and into the kitchen and I unearthed the coffee so I’m looking forward to that in the morning.  But mostly today I really just feel like the guy in the picture above.  I seriously doubt he had anything coherent to say about his day when he got home that evening either.  So it’s laters for me, my little chickadees.

Good Night!

Sleep Tight!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

There’s a final line after that but now that I know first hand how incredibly inaccurate and unhelpful it truly is I cannot, in good conscience, repeat it.