Venus in Capricorn spells R E S P E C T

Marilyn who watches from the wall

Today Venus is at 8 degrees Capricorn, coming up on a conjunction to Pluto and squaring Uranus at 9 degrees tomorrow.  This is a week to be paying more than your normal attention to what makes the world go ’round, to put it mildly. (Hint: LOVE!  It’s LOVE!! Love makes the world go ’round!!)

In Capricorn Venus is ruled by Saturn, which is not normally considered super awesome fun times.  Saturn likes rules and discipline and order and Venus works best without conditions.  As Rob Hand points out, you don’t want someone to tell you they’ll love you IF you do X or Y.  We want love unconditionally no matter what.  Which is why Venus in Capricorn or Aquarius or Venus making aspects to Saturn isn’t generally considered a fortunate placement.  It’s not bad, exactly, but like all things Saturn related, it takes some effort to make it work.

However, that work can pay off in dividends, no joke.  If the bad news about Venus and Saturn is that Venus needs discipline in order to work than the good news is that she can be disciplined.  Very disciplined indeed.

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe plays a girl who puts the gold into heart of gold by playing a gold digger named Lorelei.  There’s a wonderful scene towards the end of the film where Lorelei is accused of heartlessness by her fiance’s father.  It’s a classic scene, very funny, and the way Lorelei puts her future father-in-law in place perfectly illustrates an effective, if materially driven, Saturnine Venus.  (Fun fact: Anita Loos, who wrote the book the film is based on was born with Venus in Taurus squared by Saturn in Leo.)

Mr. Esmond Sr.
Have you got the nerve to stand there and expect me to believe that you don’t want to marry my son for his money?

Lorelei Lee
It’s true.

Mr. Esmond Sr.
Then what do you want to marry him for?

Lorelei Lee
I want to marry him for your money!

So the first important takeaway from this dialogue relative to Venus with Saturn is that: a.) Saturn is dry.  It can’t help itself, it makes things funny.  This helps more than you would ever believe, because laughing over a broken heart is crucial to getting over one.  But it doesn’t end there, because Lorelei gains Mr. Esmond Sr.’s respect by pointing out the essential hypocrisy in the way women are judged for marrying for money while men are not judged for marrying younger women.

Mr. Esmond Sr.
Well, at least we’re getting down to brass tax. You admit that all you’re after is money?

Lorelei Lee
No, I don’t. Aren’t you funny? Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You might not marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help? And if you had a daughter, wouldn’t you rather she didn’t marry a poor man?

Mr. Esmond Sr.
But I–

Lorelei Lee
You’d want her to have the most wonderful things in the world and to be very happy. So why is it wrong for me to want those things?

So here’s the second takeaway about Saturn and Venus: b.) Saturn has some very good points where Venus is concerned.  A Saturnine Venus lives in the “real world,” the world where love and beauty have value as commodities, and we shouldn’t be afraid to use them as such but we must also never be in any illusion about what we’re doing or how far we can take it.

After all, a saturnine Venus knows that surface beauty doesn’t last (“men grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charms in the end!”) and we need to capitalize on what we have while it’s still useful.

But a strong saturnine Venus runs much more than skin deep.  An effective saturnine Venus knows just how much effort is required to put on our “girl suits,” as one dear friend with Venus in Aquarius puts it.  We know we need to demand respect and recognition for our creations.  We know exactly how deep true beauty runs and how far it will and won’t take us.  We don’t take it for granted and we don’t over estimate our powers either.  We know there’s more to putting on a “girl suit” than applying some lippie.  It involves managing people’s egos, fears, concerns, and seating arrangements.  Mostly without appearing to have done anything at all.

We know we need to value what we provide because if we don’t no one else will know they need to.  So we tell them “to put a ring on it” if they want what we’ve got.  Beyonce understands this.  After all, she was born with Venus in Libra co-present with Saturn conjunct Jupiter.

If everything I’ve just described sounds to you like it “only applies to women” you’re missing something vital.  While it’s true that women are either more natively attuned or socially conditioned to the powers of Venus, it’s not true that men don’t feel her affects or the need for them.  James Brown, who penned the soulful It’s a Man’s World, was born with Venus in Taurus square to Saturn in Aquarius.  He understood perfectly that his “man’s world” needed something of the feminine to it.

Bringing it into the current context, did you know that there is a rash of suicides amongst our beloved American heroes, the men who play pro-football?  Brian Phillips hits the nail on the head when he analyzes this phenomena and asks the important question, “What the hell are you a warrior for?”

He is rightly demanding that as men his sex and gender take responsibility for the massive imbalance and tragedy that an overactive martial culture is spawning.  He recognizes that without some sense of unity, of love for one another, that any pretense of “being a man” is just that.  Pretense.

So, to sum up, the true value of Venus in Capricorn is that she knows her true value and that value isn’t limited to financial equity.  At her best, a saturnine Venus demands R E S P E C T for her worth because she knows she deserves it.  (And why yes, as the fates would have it, Aretha Franklin does have Venus and Saturn contacts.  Not only are they square but they are in mutual reception!)

So the take away this week is it is time to either demand or give some respect in some area of your life where it may be lacking.  Don’t be ashamed or shy about it either.  Let love in, release it and honor everything that it takes to do so.  Don’t let anyone dismiss it or tell you you’re imagining things, being too sensitive, or not sensitive enough.

Sometimes Venus is a diva.  Sometimes she has to be.