There’s a Venus Between Us

When I was a little girl my mum always played the Beatles when she cleaned.  Specifically Abbey Road.  Ever since there is something about the song Here Comes the Sun which operates a bit like eye drops for my mind’s eye.  It runs right through me, cleaning out clearing out everything that gets in the way of straight up seeing the beauty which is all around.

I think we all have those songs and those memories, those moments or flights of inspiration which take us out of the doom and gloom of our daily fears and connect us to something larger, something kinder, something magnificent.  Everyone has their own connection, no matter how small, to the threads that connect us to one another, to our planet, and to this great big spinning universe.  There’s no denying those threads are stronger for some than for others, but the fact is they can be strengthened if we choose it.

Snapped on the way to do my laundry this morning

The best thing is that we don’t even have to have memories of those points of connection.  They are readily available all around at all moments of the day.  I don’t care where you are or who you are surrounded by (though there are clearly times when living into this may take more willpower or focus than most of us up to!) but there is ALWAYS beauty.  Always.

And that awareness, that consciousness of Love and of Beauty, is one of the most powerful forces available to us to combat depression, anxiety, loneliness, and fear.  It may be obvious to some of you by now that I am talking about the planet Venus, or at least, the experiences represented by Venus.  In our woman hating world, where Beauty is relegated to something trivial, and Love is dismissed by its association with “chick flicks,” we’ve lost sight of the true power of this small, unassuming planet.

That’s being kind about it.  In truth, we’ve shamefully neglected and suppressed the powers represented by the planet Venus.  Venus connects, she reconciles and unifies, she helps us to meet up and to join.  In a world where people consistently choose strife and conflict over unity and reconciliation it may seem as though Venus doesn’t have a place, as though choosing her is a “weak” choice.  But I believe the opposite.  We’ve never needed her more.

Venusian experiences, experiences of Beauty and Love, offer a direct through line to our Gods, to our divinity, and to our Buddha natures.  And you don’t have to be a “believer” to tap into this power.  One of my closest friends is an atheist, and it was she (with her four planet stellium in Scorpio!) who first drew my attention to the power of Now and the importance of enjoying Beauty in everyday life regardless – or maybe especially in the face of the End of the World.

here comes the Sun

It was directly after 9/11, and our country was reeling with grief and rage and venom.  But my friend, a Scorpio, no less, was the one to say to me, “look, it’s never been so important to be kind to one another, to step outside and enjoy the sky, the ocean, the day.  Who knows how long we’ve got left or what’s around the corner?  Nothing is certain.  Nothing is forever.  We have to make the most of it while we can.”

She was right.  There is no time to neglect what we love, to close our eyes to the beauty moving through us and all around.  The truth is there never was.