Daily Dose of Wonder

Laverne and Shirley cross the finish lineI posted my last post at two minutes past midnight last night.  It’s the first time I haven’t met my self-imposed daily deadline since I set it two months ago.  I’ll confess I feel a bit sad about it and I woke up determined to write something new first thing.  I was resolved.  Yep, a resolution.

Resolutions are always easiest to make directly after failing, but in my experience it doesn’t make them any easier to keep.  Someone should do something about that.  Not me, obviously, I’m too busy failing!  And that is precisely how they get you.  Once you’ve failed one it just seems easier and easier to fail another.  That do-nut looks good and you think, “one won’t hurt!” and the next thing you know you’re twenty pounds heavier and buried under an avalanche of the suckers.

It’s why I posted the damn thing anyway, even if it was two minutes late last night and not edited properly and had no image to accompany it at first.  I felt like Laverne & Shirley, with ten seconds left on the clock of their famous Supermarket Sweep and all they could get across the finish line were their favorite cookies.  But at least they got those.  And at least I posted, even if it wasn’t perfect or even exactly on time.

…God Dammit.  Now I want cookies.