Daily Dose of Wonder

Sister Corita Kent Rules

When I started out with the goal to write one post a day it was prompted by Rob Hand’s observation that people with strong Mars need to commit to something and fight for it powerfully.  I’ve never been motivated by such a thing.  Hand says that people with strong Saturn, like myself, must rely on discipline.  Doing something every day.  Not because you want to, not because you’re inspired to, but, well, just because.  For no particular reason.  Just good old fashioned obligation and duty.

So with twenty minutes left on the clock before I make myself a liar by not posting something I’m putting up Sister Corita Kent’s Rules as a little reality check for myself.  I’ve been posting later and later lately.  I’m not spending as much time writing my posts and I’m coming to them dried up and wrinkled from my days.  I’m not happy about it, but between the bed bugs and Thanksgiving the last few weeks have wreaked havoc on my routine.

Nothing I can do about it except keep going.  And remember that Sister Corita Kent was right.  THE ONLY RULE IS WORK.  The perfect Saturn lesson perfectly placed at number 7, which is Saturn’s magic number for a few reasons, but as my friend, Gary Caton pointed out, also his Chaldean order.  Actually, Gary pointed out that the whole set of rules is laid out in Chaldean order, with number one matching the Moon, number two matching Mercury, number three Venus, four the Sun and so on.

I initially balked at number five for Mars, but I came around to Gary’s view the longer I looked at it.  TO BE SELF-DISCIPLINED IS TO FOLLOW IN A BETTER WAY.  Until I started doing this, writing every day, I’m not sure I would have seen so clearly how it is that doing following a saturnine path would lead to a stronger Mars, but I’m beginning to now.

Every time I post before midnight, every time I make my deadline, my resolve strengthens.  I can feel it even now when I’ve been later and later and later.  Even now when I have to hit publish RIGHT NOW to make it…

…even now when I’m editing after I’ve hit publish, cheating a little.  Even now I can feel my commitment growing.  In the past couple months since I started I’ve let everything else slide, I’ve not been following my doctor recommended low-glycemic diet, I’ve not been exercising, I’ve indulged myself too much in TV, but this one thing, this one thing I’ve been relentless about.  And it’s starting to make me believe.  Believe in what, I’m not quite sure, but I can tell you it’s got me now.  And it’s starting to feel like Mars.

It’s starting to feel like home.