Saturn Venus Child

I think my nephew is having an even worse Venus transit through Crapricorn than I am.  My mum made this completely amazing felt advent calendar for him with a variety of little treats stuffed into every pocket for each day of the month of December.  Of course he’s only interested in the candy, I’m afraid he inherited the genetic predisposition for sweets from our side of the family.  The poor thing had a fit yesterday when he woke up asking if it was “a new day?” and was it time for “Nana candy?”  Only to find a quarter in the third pocket.  Apparently it went on for an hour.  He probably got that from our side too, bless him.

He was born with Saturn opposing Venus in Aries.  It’s a tough configuration and the very one that had me worried when my SIL asked me what would happen if he was born when the doctors intended him to be.  It’s not as bad as it could be, after all he was born forty minutes late, and while his Venus is in detriment, Saturn is exalted and belongs to the sect in favor and it’s in a good house.  Which is all just an astrologer’s way of saying that if you’re going to have a problem, have an obvious one you can’t avoid and are willing to work on, those are always easier to address than all that hidden 12th/8th/2nd/6th house crap.

T is likely to meet 11th house (friendship) difficulties and possibly difficulties with art or children or romantic relationships (5th house) but they’re the kind of problems he’s likely to focus on, and in focusing on them they could become strengths.  Besides, his mum has Venus squared by her Saturn and I have it trining mine, so he’s come by it honestly and he’s got lots of support for it.

Saturn opposite Venus Child


Still, with Venus retrograding through Capricorn for the duration, which is his 8th house and contains his wee small Moon conjunct Pluto, I’m expecting to see some struggles till it finally exits in March.  So it wasn’t exactly surprising to find that his favorite pal at the daycare he attends has been really standoffish lately.  Last night while I was visiting T yelled at me three times “you are NOT my friend!!” with all the venom he could muster.  This is the very worst insult the boy can imagine, which is just incredibly dear to me, and SO FITTING with his astrological significations.

I told him, “no, I’m not your friend.  I’m your auntie, honey.  I’ll be here no matter what happens with any of your friends.”  And then he’d forget and we could go back to playing monster.  Here he is exhibiting his secondary Saturn opposite Venus characteristic, which is the way he needs to line up his cars and put them in order.  He’s been doing this for over a year now, though he doesn’t do it quite so much anymore, which I think is a great relief to my brother, who is a bit of a worrier.

It doesn’t seem like OCD to me, though, he only does it when he’s playing.  He just likes visual order.  He isn’t obsessive about it, he just likes it.  Fortunately for him he’s got a Virgo mum with Pluto conjunct her Sun.  They were made for each other.  Order is the rule of the day in that house, and that kid always knows what’s what.

Typically Pluto conjunct Moon (like T has) or Pluto conjunct the Sun (like his mum has) are considered difficult, controlling aspects.  But when you are a conscious of your needs it’s much easier to navigate.  Just like Saturn square Venus or opposite Venus.  These are not considered “good” aspects.  But they are powerful ones, and with some guidance they could really be the most reached for tools in T’s tool belt as he grows older.

Yes, his mum is strict with him.  I laugh sometimes when I hear her, because she’s just so totally the opposite of a modern helicopter parent, she’s straight out of the sixties!  But I love it, because T always knows where the boundaries are and his little personhood is always held with utter regard and unconditional love.  She corrects his behavior, but never demeans him or puts him down.  And she is generous with her affection and expression of love, and he gives it right back.  Actually, he is one of the most affectionate, loving people I’ve ever met.  He knows he is loved and he gets a lot of proof.  Conversely, he loves fully and passionately and he like to hug his people and to be held by them.  (Saturn/Venus contacts always demand proof)

Still, no matter how supportive we are, the next couple months are likely to be hard on him, he’s got more lessons coming about friendship and showing affection and delaying satisfaction and waiting for sugar then might actually be – well, fun.  But dem’s da breaks, kiddo!  A lesson learned now whilst he’s tiny and growing is worth a thousand later when he’s bent over crooked and set in his ways.  Besides, as I reminded my mum when she worried over how hard the advent calendar is proving for him, he’s a little white boy growing up in a pretty nice neighborhood in a wealthy American city.  He’s fine.  He’s gold, actually.

And he’s got all the love and the proof of it he needs or could ask for.  Plus a bitchin’ handmade advent calendar, even if he is too little to appreciated it quite yet…