Veronica Mars Returns

Veronica Mars: Love Triangle from Veronica Mars on Vimeo.

I’m in one of my overwhelming – to the point of being crippling – 12th house hermit periods.  I wish I could say I’ve been writing up a storm or at the very least reading a pile of novels, but my spare time has been utterly taken over by one action movie after another followed by a Veronica Mars marathon.

It doesn’t escape my attention that everything I’m watching so passively is the opposite of passive.  It’s the ultimate vicarious thrill.  My latest passion, Veronica Mars, even has Mars in the title!! I can’t tell if I’m sublimating physical activity or anger, (Mars behaviors) all I can say is it is incredibly satisfying to watch Veronica girl detective her way out of various scrapes surrounded by an awesome supporting male cast who put the support into supporting.  No wonder this show has the rabid following it does, if it didn’t sound like too much effort and I weren’t so committed to lying prone in my girl cave for the duration I could probably muster up some foaming at the mouth action over it too.

I honestly cannot understand how this show escaped my attention before.  I watched an episode out of sequence and didn’t get it, but it’s one of those you really have to watch from the beginning.  Sigh.  All those wasted years of not being on the inside.  Had I known you can bet I would have pledged at least five dolla to their infamous Kickstarter campaign.

I just looked up Kristen Bell’s birth data, and apparently we don’t have the time of birth, but a.) I was heartened to realize she’s from Detroit (strengthening my theory about the connection between Detroiters and sisu) and amused to discover that b.) she was born with Mars at 4 degrees Libra, which any astrologer can tell you means she is about to go through a Mars return (Mars is about to transit Libra and when a planet returns to the same place it occupied when you were born it’s called a “return”).

This is amusing because the Veronica Mars movie will be released in March of next year and, since Mars is going to retrograde in Libra, her Mars return will still be active when Veronica Mars returns.  Get it?  See what I did there?

Well, not me, obviously, but isn’t the world wonderful and strange and full of pointless poignant connections?  I just love a good astrological pun.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to the show and find out why everyone was so pissed that it ended so abruptly.  (I’m SO relieved I’ve only got a few months till it’s resolved instead of the years that most of the fans did!!)