some thoughts courtesy of corpse pose

I was lying on the floor just now in corpse pose having completed my first yoga session in at LEAST a year and this film popped into my head.

Actually, it wasn’t this scene that first popped into my head, though, it was all the montage sequences where Davis, who plays a PTA mom with amnesia, starts having flashbacks to her old life as a CIA assassin.  (If you haven’t seen it and this brief description doesn’t pique your curiosity, I really don’t know what to say to you) As I was lying there on the floor, my body in a lovely warm – not yet hurting – glow I could feel old dormant bits of myself clamoring for my attention.

How could I forget to move for so long?  It’s not natural, you know.  Moving is natural, being sedentary isn’t.  And I’m no spring chicken anymore, either.  My body doesn’t just “bounce” back anymore, nowadays it needs some coaxing.  But the “me” attached to that healthier, more physical self is just as strong as she ever was, she doesn’t need any coaxing at all.  She’s chomping at the bit to come back.

She’s game for anything, and she’s really working it to get my attention.  Of course, now that Mars is firmly in Libra and heading towards my Moon it’s hardly a surprise, I suppose, but certainly I’m hoping that my inner Charlie Baltimore will be as handy with her Mars as Geena’s was with this here knife.

Please oh please oh please let me be a chef!  I don’t want to be an assassin or have amnesia, is what I’m saying.  (That’s not what I’m saying.)  What I’m saying is, Life is Pain, but it’s lots of other things as well, and though I’m planning on exercising a certain amount of caution in the weeks ahead as Mars begins its’ dance with Uranus and Pluto in the cardinal signs, no point pushing it, after all, I’m also going to just be exercising.  I’m going to be using this time to push past my physical inertia and into something – well, something a little more comfortable.

It’s my body after all, I’ve got to live in it at the end of the day.