Daily Dose of Wonder

I woke up covered in bed bug bites and spent most of the morning doing laundry and crying off and on.  But there was a moment on my walk around the park today, with the sun on my face when I forgot about it all for a second.  I passed a duck in the water, cleaning her wing, and it pulled me right out of myself.  It struck me how easy it is to get stuck in one world and just ignore the great big world right there, right in front of your very eyes.  Hard to remember to look, but almost always exactly when you need to most.

I’m still auditioning theme songs and it put me in mind of this one, which has always been one of my favorites.  When I decided to go by Wonder Bright I knew I was going to have to force it sometimes and that was actually one of the reasons I chose to do it.  I guess this is just one of those times.

Press play and repeat as needed.