Daily Dose of Wonder

I was over at my brother’s tonight and he introduced me to Key & Peele.  I’m not sure how I’ve missed them before – I’m sort of shocked that no one in my FB feed ever posted this zombie clip, for instance.  OMG we were howling.  This one and then the one where Key plays the stand up comedian who makes fun of everyone in the audience except the guy covered in burns.

“The tears…  they burn…”  That line just sent me and my brother into hysterics for the rest of the night, it didn’t matter what we applied it to.

Then on my way home to my apartment, I ran into my neighbor, Bret, on the way to the elevator.  Bret takes pretty much forever to get anywhere because he’s got some messed up disease that’s totally screwed with his legs.  When we met he didn’t have a walker but he does now.  I think it’s progressive.

The thing about Bret is I never see him without us falling into stitches about something.  I took his case of Corona off him and walked with him back to his apartment and stayed with him while he put the beers in the fridge.  He was ribbing me about this seriously hilarious note he left on my door a week or so back and how I haven’t called him like he asked me to.  I tried to explain to him that I was a hermit who pretty much never leaves her house but he wasn’t having it.

He said, “you’re just like me!  I never leave my house either!”  I promised to help him take out his trash from now on and help him prep for the exterminator next week.  Seriously, how is he supposed to prep for that?  It takes him five minutes to put a case of beer away!  What is the management thinking?  I hate this world.  Except that laughing about it all with Bret it’s impossible to.  I just can’t get my hate on when I’m laughing.

There’s an art to laughing about things that aren’t funny.  The best thing about things that aren’t funny is that they are funnier than anything else when they’re funny because it’s such a fucking relief when someone tells you the truth that the joy of it makes you laugh almost more than anything else.

The truth shall set you free, but if you’re really paying attention I’d be willing to bet it will make you laugh your ass off along the way.  No doubt.