Bugfree for the holidays

I’m staying at my brother’s house tonight giving my apartment a chance to air out after being fumigated by the exterminators today. Thank heavens, or I would have missed it when my nephew came home from school and ran up to his mama all excited with his hands behind his back saying, “I made something for you!” I was in the other room, so of course I was curious to see her pouring over his card with her heart in her throat responding, “Mama’s just going to cry for a few minutes now, honey.”

“No, Mama, don’t be sad!  Here I’ll make you feel better,” he said, and put his little arms around her neck and gave her a kiss.

Sigh. I love Christmas. My mum and dad are here, sleeping on an air mattress next to me. T is going to wake me up in about six or seven hours and we’ll all have breakfast and coffee together and spend a leisurely day trying to agree on something to do and failing miserably and laughing about it the whole time.

My apartment is a wreck, everything’s out of place and in boxes and even worse than before, and I can’t put it away or clean it for another three days but you know what? I don’t even care. It’s the winter solstice, Venus is stationed retrograde, and it’s Christmas. My favorite time of the year. I’m with my family and we’ve got someone under four to make it all ridiculously magic and believable.

My heart is full. (please don’t point out to me how much T’s drawing looks like a family of bed bugs, I simply won’t allow it!  CLEARLY those are a family of Pixar monsters!)