Daily Dose of Wonder

away with the faeriesBeing around a child all day is alternately the most boring thing and the most exciting thing. It’s got all the pacing of a great war novel. You endure long periods of sustained predictability and tedium followed by utter chaos punctuated by moments of absolute, humbling awe.

The other thing about being around a small child is that time has a funny way of going absolutely non-linear. It’s like being away with the faeries. This is unfortunate because it’s incredibly important to maintain your focus and keep moving in a forward direction as if there was somewhere to go. After all, if you don’t, no one will.

But coaxing someone into the most-so-obvious-we-take-it-for-granted activities like PEEING ON THE POTTY or LET’S EAT BREAKFAST or God Forbid LET’S GET DRESSED suddenly turn into twenty to forty minute ordeals and you find yourself saying things that you know for a FACT you hated hearing when you were small, things like “you know if you’d opened your mouth for me to brush your teeth when I first asked you to we’d be done by now!” (Sternly, you have to say this sternly, even if you are starting to laugh or worse, cry)

Besides, you never know when you have to stop EVERYTHING because the dinosaur is chasing the ducky under the table. Before you know it, the minutes have turned into hours have turned into an entire day and when you put the baby down to sleep you’re the one who ends up closing her eyes first.

And when you finally talk to another adult you don’t have anything to say anyone wants to hear because you’ve spent the entire day doing the same things over and over and over. So childcare is totally like being away with the faeries. Time passes differently, you come out of it and your friends have moved on, but you haven’t.

And when you come home from your tour of duty or your time with the faeries, all you really want to do, after you eat your steak and get a good nights sleep, is turn right around and go back.