Daily Dose of Wonder

Today was my last morning with t before mum and dad came home from their overnight away. There was a moment in the bathroom after breakfast when he was fighting me over washing his hands and he was half naked and curled in a ball on the floor hollering in his best monster voice that he couldn’t let go of his flashlight when I almost gave up. I just curled over him laughing and gasping for breath and cried, “Auntie’s lost her power! I’ve lost my power!” Of course that just sent him into a fit of the giggles but he finally stopped resisting me and we got his hands washed and then he even put some clothes on and eventually we even got out the door.

I was talking yesterday about how being with a small child is like going away with the faeries, but I should have mentioned that comes pretty naturally to me anyway. People think I have a lot of patience, but it’s not that, I just rarely feel like I have anything better to do or or any place better to go than wherever it is that I happen to be at the moment.

I’m not claiming this is some awesome way to be, mind you. It’s terrible for when you’ve actually got somewhere to go or something to do or someone to see, you know, like for MOST OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE, but it’s absolutely fantastic for a.) getting stoned b.) going on vacation or c.) hanging out with someone who can’t tell time.

Nothing’s happening in the video above that I shot this morning, I just like watching it. I liked being there. I like being here now just thinking about it. I just like being here now.