Mars Remedy, Four Months In

repentOh gosh, it’s eleven thirty again.  I liked doing these daily posts so much more when I was actually writing them during the day!  Waking up and writing.  Remember that?  It was only eighty some odd days ago.  That’s when I started doing this every day.  It’s the bed bugs that did me in, and put me off track.  (It’s always something, of course, but this time it was definitely bed bugs!) But they’re gone now and tomorrow I will clean my house from top to bottom FINALLY.  It’s been agony living with it the way it is.

And after that – well, after that, I’ll be PERFECT.  It’s the New Year coming in, isn’t it?  Just think, a whole New Year with no mistakes yet made in it.  I feel a groundswell of resolutions setting in, and I can’t wait.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I am happy to have 24 hours between me and all of them, but I am happy that they’re coming.

I imagine that after the next month of being perfect and living into all my resolutions I will be happier and healthier and wiser than EVER BEFORE.  It’s very exciting.  (I can’t truly claim sarcasm here, though I am aware of how ridiculous it would be to say what I have with a totally straight face.   Dry, deprecating saturnian humor perhaps, but underneath all that just a mountain of credulity.)

I really believe I can conquer my demons and deliver on all my promises despite no real track record of such.  Hope springs eternal, I guess.  True in my case, at least tonight.  And thank heavens.  It certainly beats the alternative, doesn’t it?

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  1. mom
    mom says:

    You can DO IT! Yes, you can.
    I love you. At midnight 44 years ago, with
    fireworks and chimes gonging we checked into
    Group Health Hospital and waited for you to FINALLY
    be born. It was perfect, and you are perfect.

    • Wonder Bright
      Wonder Bright says:

      oh Mama. I love you so much. Thanks for being my mama and for always pulling me into things. Into my life. XO Weiner Girl

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