Daily Dose of Wonder

twilight palmsIn LA palm trees mostly grow in tall straight rows bordering streets, there’s nothing natural about them.  They aren’t native to this region, they’ve been brought in to foster a sense of permanent vacation and relentless cheer.  But damned if it doesn’t work.  LA is so flat, and the palm trees make you look up, they give you something to look up to.  They give the skyline shape, they give this city a profile.

Sure they’re “fake,” not native to the region.  Sure they’re here for show, for illusion, for the creation of myth.  Sure, they’re spindly and odd – patented ugly beauty.  But here they are, stamping thousands of instagrams a day, fixing us in place and time, and carrying us along with them.  How long do you have to be told a story before you start to believe it?

I’m not keen on the heat and I dread this drought, but I love the palm trees.  Impossible, ridiculous, silly and grand.  LA, I love you and your armies of palms.