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you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs

you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

Breakfast rituals are some of my favorite rituals there could be.  Well, actually any morning time ritual is pretty much all right with me.  Morning, that magical time before I have to actually talk to anyone else.  That time of the day where the only conversation I’m having is with myself.

As much as I love my mornings, I have, as yet, failed to create a solid practice with any consistency.  I’m on a quest now for the perfect Ritual Recipe to start each and every day with.  Something that catches the ephemera sleep dislodged and makes it useful.

I know physical exercise is key, but do I do it before or after I write here?  And when do I eat?  What about coffee?  Is that better before I run or before I write?  Meditation should be in there somewhere too, but don’t forget breakfast!  And how much time do I allot each activity??!  So many decisions, so much thinking going into it.

Too much thinking.  Honestly, I suspect that’s the bane of the Saturn ruled, too much thinking, not enough acting.  The balance of Saturn and Mars requires both contemplation AND action.  After all, as the old zen phrase goes, “until an action is committed, the results cannot be experienced.”

Without experience what would we contemplate?

This Venus retrograde in Capricorn is bringing the art of contemplation into many lives, and for me it’s necessitating a cold hard contemplation, small c, of my lifelong efforts at Contemplation, large C.  So far the most inescapable observation I’ve got is that LESS contemplation and more action might actually be the key to true success in this area.  This of course, is because I suffer from excessive contemplation/Saturn, not excessive action/Mars.  I have friends who would benefit from the reverse, folding in more contemplation and less action.

Wherever Capricorn falls in your chart there is a question hanging in the air just now, what do you value?  What do you truly desire?  What makes you feel loved/unloved?  How do you attract those experiences into your life?  If you are contemplative by nature, like myself, than you may find yourself frozen in indecision just now, but rather than trying to think your way out, may I suggest you just take some action, it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it’s been on your mind to do it.  Stop worrying so much if it’s right or wrong and just do it.

It’s only in the doing of it that the truth will reveal itself.