Bed Bug Freeeeee

Venus in Capricorn

Last year I promised myself that I would not spend this birthday organizing my closets.  But guess what?  New Years Eve has rolled around and what am I doing?  Yup.  Turning off my phone and organizing my closets.  And you know what?  It’s fantastic.

Seriously, I’m typing this and I can LITERALLY hear fireworks going off outside.  That’s how great it is.

FINALLY this utter pigsty is being righted after the glory of bed bug exermination.  Things are finding their places again, some are even finding new and better places than the ones they occupied before.  And I’m alone.  I really don’t want to talk to anyone – sorry, anyone!  I just want to clean and sort and get ready for the year ahead.  Happy New Year, everyone!  Happy 2014