New Year, New Leaf

All my life I’ve been longing to live a disciplined, ordered, hermetic experience.  In my mind’s eye I wake up every morning full of purpose and do the same thing every day, meditate, exercise, eat something healthy and delicious, and write.  I just know there’s this intensely disciplined person inside me just dying to come out.

Before the bed bugs arrived I’d been writing every day for a month, I was feeling full of purpose, getting to what it would look like if I actually released that disciplined person inside of me.  Having my home turned upside down, not being able to find anything and basically getting knocked sidewise for the past month has left me even hungrier for the fantasy of predictability and order.

Fortunately Venus retrograding through Capricorn is an optimal time to cut out pleasurable distractions, from sugar to alcohol, to playtime with friends.  I laughed when I read my friend, Stephanie Gailing’s blog post about cutting out sugar during this period because my mum, brother, SIL and I have pledged to “go paleo” for the next month.  I won’t blame you if the idea of “going paleo” induces some eye rolling (my own are stuck to the back of my head for the duration), but since I’ve got a condition that requires a low glycemic diet anyway and I’ve definitely NOT been sticking to it for the past couple months, this feels like just the kick in the ass I need.  Or gut.

Anyway, it’s a kick to something and I’ve got just the shoes to deliver said kick, having purchased some running shoes yesterday.  Of course, this picture of me in them is simply to illustrate this post, since I can’t find my damned running pants to save my life.  I guess I’ll have to unpack some boxes first.

But before I do that it’s off to the kitchen with me to steam some kale and fry some eggs.  Of course to do that I need to unpack my fry pan.  But it’s gonna happen!!  I mean business, yo.