Austerity Measures

blueberries I started writing daily posts to this blog when Saturn was at ten degrees Scorpio sextiling my Capricorn Sun in the 12th house.  In my first daily post I even stated that I was using my strong Saturn/discipline as a remedial measure for my weakish Mars.  A month into that experiment and Venus in Capricorn and the bed bugs hit, forcing me to tear down my entire home and recreate it, (my own Venus is in Capricorn natally and rules my 4th house and my Moon, both of which signify the home) which has resulted in a better, more efficient home and an even stronger need for routine and order.

Cut to three months later and it’s time now to take it up a notch.  Yep, I’m “Going Paleo.”  Which oddly hasn’t been as hard as I was worried it might be.  Gods I hate using that term to describe what I’m doing, though.  The idea that any diet could be The Only One everyone should follow is a bit too dogmatic for me.  But I was diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia a few years ago (a condition where your body produces too much insulin, left unchecked it may lead to diabetes stage 2), and I’ve been (trying to, anyway!) eat a low glycemic diet for awhile now, so going full on veg and protein isn’t such a huge leap.

But the truth is it’s part of a larger picture for me of cutting out what is unnecessary and undesirable in my life.  Yesterday I mentioned how I’ve always had this fantasy of living a life of seclusion, discipline, order, and productivity.  Thus far such a life has eluded me (except for the seclusion part, natch.  I’ve got being a hermit NAILED).  But all roads point towards making a commitment to living like this now.

(But don’t take my word for it, check out Stephanie Gailing’s awesome post about cutting out sugar during the Venus retrograde in Capricorn, if you want more confirmation.)

The takeaway here is that timing is everything and not resisting the worst of things sometimes leads to the best of things.  For the rest of this month I will be practicing serious Austerity Measures on all fronts, dietary, financial, aesthetic, and emotional.  The reason I chose to make my breakfast blueberries the featured image for this post is because while the key to austerity is restriction, the joy of such confines is release into profound appreciation for what actually is without added complication, ie; sugars, fats, distractions,  etc etc etc…

You may not be going through such an intense time as I am with Venus retrograding in Capricorn.  You may not have Pluto transiting your Sun at the same time, after all.  But the odds are good that there is an area in your life that requires a new structure, a new discipline, a new level of restriction.  I invite you to view this period as an opportunity for renewal by pruning your bad habits and restricting the places in your life you’ve allowed unnecessary fats to develop.  Get rid of what sweetens your life to your detriment and make way for seeing what is already there, sweet enough, just as it is.

Maybe just blueberries is enough.  Maybe it’s better than enough.  If we pay attention.  Time to find out…