Daily Dose of Wonder

I didn’t do anything I set out to do today and I was feeling pretty miserable about it.  That and I took that stupid “Which Star Wars Character Are You?” quiz that’s been floating around FaceBook and I got Darth Vadar, which was my secret fear realized.  I’ll take it again once the Sun and Venus are out of my 12th house and see how I do.  Anyway, I was casting about for a scene from a movie to capture my complicated (they’re not that complicated) feelings and the trash compactor scene from the first Star Wars movie came to mind.  So I googled it and couldn’t find it but then I found this video instead and dang if it didn’t a.) REALLY make me feel that I hadn’t done enough with my day and b.) cheer me up immeasurably.  The bit where TheBudgetJedi points out that “all assembly done by Elmer’s Paper and Wood Glue” is practically the best part, imo, but only because T R U T H.