Rom-Coms are the Best & Here’s Why

Book a Heart to Heart with WonderVenus is seriously stationed. Seems like as good a time as any to express my deep and abiding love for the RomCom. It’s my favorite genre. Gay, straight, men, women, I don’t really care. I just like watching two people find one another and get over whatever it is they need to get over in order to really be with the other person.

It’s why I will watch any Jennifer Aniston movie pretty much despite the fact that I can count on about three fingers any that she ever did that I actually liked. Seriously, she picks lousy scripts. But I still love her, she just keeps picking herself up and falling in love over and over and over.The essential story is always the same, two people feel alienated and alone, until this one person sees them and they see back. They don’t just see, they know. In being known there is this massive liberation. The individuals stop trying to be something else and enter into a state of being themselves. Not faking it.

The more extreme this transformation is the more I like it. My friend says Dirty Filthy Love isn’t a good example of a RomCom, but I think that’s just because he liked it. You see, he has a specific idea about what a RomCom is, and it’s limited to movies starring what’s her name from Grey’s Anatomy that smokes like a chimney and everyone hates. That’s not the beginning and end of it, not by a long shot.

Sure it includes those films, but that’s only because they fall under the same rubric I just laid out for you. Most of them aren’t very funny, and some of them are a downright travesty of both Rom and Com. See The UGH Bounty Hunter, for example. No, on second thought, don’t. Really just don’t. Grotesque. A caricature of what I love about RomComs and a frequent danger when you’re passionate about the genre. You have to kiss an awful lot of toads before you get your prince – or princess, as the case may be.

There was awhile there when I couldn’t watch them, it hurt too much to feel the joy the characters felt when they were finally united at the finale. But it doesn’t make me feel that way anymore. I’m not pining over anyone anymore and I’m not waiting for someone either. But I will watch anything where two people fall in love, because I think it’s the only time we tell the truth about who we really are.

Marianne Williamson says that we have a myth in our culture that romantic love is an illusion, but she thinks it’s the exact opposite. She says that when we fall in love with someone we are looking at them through the eyes of the Divine. It’s when we fall in love that we actually see the other. I agree with her. And RomComs just keep me reminded of that, bless them.

Following are some of my very favorites. Happy Venus station, my little cabbages, may you be loved and may you know it.