Turn Yourself Into Gold

Turn yourself into gold and then live wherever you please. ~Ramakrishna

I found this quote looking for a video for the Peaches song, “I Don’t Give A…”

Kinda great, right?  I got an error message when I tried to watch the video the girl made who linked these two things together – maybe you’ll have better luck? But damn, she nailed it.

Peaches isn’t saying she doesn’t give a fuck about anything, she’s saying she doesn’t give a fuck about her reputation.

I got an email from my uncle today that contained a collection of phrases that don’t end the way the beginning leads you to expect them to.  The one I liked best was “We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”  Bit by bit we start to carve ourselves into shapes we think other people will approve of and slowly we get farther and farther away from how we started, all free and clear.

Of course, we need to learn to respect other people’s boundaries and cause no harm just because we want things, but there comes a point where you have to disconnect from the tribe and follow your own path, do what you believe you should do, not what you believe other people want you to do.  This is partly because there is no pleasing other people and you can’t live your life for anyone but yourself.

But it’s mostly because if you are free and happy in yourself than you will be free and happy with anyone else.  You will be gold and you can live wherever you please.