Venus Station: Beautiful Feeling

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the last couple hours.  It’s so…  it’s so perfect for a Venus station conjunct Pluto!  And of course, it resonates thoroughly with me given my Capricorn Sun in the 12th House of Loss and Transcendence ruling the 7th House of Partnership.  I’m not in love with anyone – actually, I haven’t felt like this in YEARS, and I’m not even really all that sure I want to, but I have got to a place where I feel something of this with almost anyone I meet if I focus in the right way.

Frederick alluded to this phenomena in the comment section of a post I wrote the other day, suggesting that the flip side of being stripped of your illusions about people is that you may actually experience deeper connection, rather than bitterness.  I can attest to that.

When I’m paying attention people generally occur to me as shiny, bright, beautiful glowy things full of stories and worlds you can visit just by talking to them.  Sometimes it doesn’t even take that.  There are so many ways to connect.  Smiling is the fastest, but it’s also the one that could go either way, some people distrust it or find it immediately false.  Touching strangers is the same way.  I’m a woman, so I can get away with it more than others, but usually we need to keep a distance.  Jokes are always good, or laughing along at theirs.  I talk easily with strangers, I’ve swapped stories, shared laughs, commiserated with talkers in the queue at the post office and elicited full on confessions and tears from people I’ve only just met that hour.  From a meth addict in the aisle at Home Depot to a crying teenager on a beach after dark.

Honestly, most people just want to be connected.  None of us wants to feel isolated, stranded, or alone.

So I love this song.


Sometimes I can see for miles
Through water and fire
From England to America
I feel life meet my eyes

And it’s the best thing
It’s the best thing
It’s the best thing
A beautiful feeling

People are beautiful.  The best cure for feeling sorry for yourself.  Step into someone else’s world.  Perspective is everything.  Capricorn is all about duty and responsibility, with Venus stationed there conjunct Pluto we’ve got a unique opportunity to force ourselves to get into other people’s worlds and really be with them.  Love them.  Let them love us.  Let’s face it, the world could use a little more of that.

That’s how I feel, anyway.  Today was a lovely day.