All good things come to an end

I’m so sad.  This blog I’ve been following for about four years folded this week.  Today was their last day.  I started reading it because Michael K linked to some silly ass post they put up, and the writing was good and funny and true and NOT MEAN, but that wasn’t what kept me coming back.  What kept me coming back was the crazy COMMENT SECTION.  How often can you say that about a website?  Never, that’s how often.  But the commenters on this site were consistently funny, kind, and welcoming.

I know, I know, you’re thinking that can’t be, it can’t possibly be.  Unless you’ve been there, unless you ever read it, in which case you know already that I am, of course, talking about Videogum.  I never even created a profile or commented there.  At the beginning of the week when they announced they were shutting up shop I had this weird thought that I would always regret never logging on and going from lurker to full fledged commenter, but whether that’s true or not I never did sign up, sign on, or sign out.

But I’m still sad.  I’m totally sad.  And this funny little space on the interwebs, that, let’s face it, often just seems to be crawling with evidence that we are just fucking DOOMED, this funny little corner that used to be a comfort to me and an easy laugh, sometimes just a super big can’t stop laughing laugh, well, it’s just gone.

Dammit.  Peace out, VG!  Thanks for keeping me in easy laughs and the company of like minded people.  I love you, man.