bees you

bees me

While I was out with my nephew yesterday we came upon a bustling swarm of bees collecting pollen from some flowers.  My nephew was very excited by my proximity to them, shouting, “watch out!  Those bees are gonna bees you, Auntie!!”

bees you

In the end they didn’t bees me, I was still and quiet and didn’t throw sticks at them like my nephew tried to.  But not still enough to catch them with my camera properly.  I needed a tripod and a zoom lens or maybe just a totally different camera.  Whatever it is that I needed I didn’t have it.  These pictures are more like a memory prompt for me and maybe not much use to you.  A little fun house mirror of something I saw that I can’t share.

I guess that’s what these words are for, for sketching in the rest of the picture.  The bits you can’t see, like T crouching beside me, his chin on his hands, finally quiet, watching the bees flit from one flower to another as the pollen on their legs got larger and larger.  My mum and dad beside him, my father’s hands behind his back, all of us rapt, absorbed in the industry of those bees.

What a marvel this world is.  What a joy to share it with one another.

Look.  Watch.  Listen.  Hear.  Repeat.