Amer Fort

I love to travel.  But I like the bits between where you’re going and coming back almost most of all.  While you’re on a plane you’re neither here nor there.  Airports are the same.  Of course, it can be exhausting and after my last 36 hour international flight I did finally learn that you can have too much of a good thing.  However, there is something about being outside of the borders of things that appeals to me.  Airports and airplanes, trains, even buses, they all belong to that far away bit where you aren’t quite accountable somehow.  No one can expect much of you because you’re in transit, you’re away away.  It’s like lucid daydreaming.

Years ago I thought I’d lost a packet of American Express checks – remember those?  Do they even make those anymore?  Anyway, I found them after I’d canceled them but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.  I kept them in a drawer and fantasized about using them to run away one day.  I would just escape, take nothing with me, run away and use the checks to make a fresh start.  Of course I was never going to do that, I could never do that to my family, but I liked thinking about it, it granted me the same freedom in my mind that being in an airport or running to catch a plane does.

Here you are, far from home, far from anyone who knows you or is expecting you.  You could be anybody, you could be somebody, you could be nobody.  It doesn’t really matter.  You can be whoever you choose.