my heart is in my hands

heart hands

I spent the evening catching up with an old beau on Skype.  I told him a few days ago that we had to make sure we talked before Venus left Capricorn and he quipped, “Sweet Jesus!  Is Venus leaving Capricorn?  Did they try counseling first?!”  Which made me laugh pretty hard, but still, I feel sure I was right.  The timing couldn’t be more perfecter.  Even the Moon agrees, entering Libra today.  Revisiting relationships, full circle, round and round again.

How many times till you get it right?  The correct answer is: as many as it takes, but I haven’t given that answer in quite some time.  As bad as that tv show is  I got stuck into lately, it’s been good for one thing, which is reminding me how I used to be about love when I was younger.  Fearless, eager, curious.  I used to rush pell-mell right into things, into people, into love.  Falling wasn’t scary, it was exhilarating!

It was even better to be reminded of that by someone who knew me that way.  Talking to this guy I used to know and remembering the girl I used to be and meeting him here and now in the middle was like going back in time to make things better in the present – only instead of ripping the time/space continuum I kinda feel like I sewed something up, healed it right through with a magic glue stick.

So this here’s a shout out to Venus in Capricorn.  I was seriously mad at you when it started, Lady, but I gotta hand it to you now, I’m glad you put me through my paces.  You brought me bed bugs but now my house is cleaner and more organized than it’s ever been.  You reminded me I was lonely, but here you are now reminding me I know how not to be.  I’m grateful.  I’m grateful and I feel loved and the best part of all is that I think I always was, I just couldn’t feel it before somehow.

So thanks, Venus!  I got it!  Message received!  (Seriously, you don’t need to send bed bugs again, I got it.  Please don’t send them again)