the heart of the Sun

rising 12th house Sun

We’re about halfway through the current Mercury Retrograde period, and tonight Mercury exactly conjoins the Sun in Aquarius at 27 degrees.  My friend Gary says this is “like entering the throne room of the King,” and it’s a good time to set your intentions.  He says “you are planting your seeds as a divine decree.”  He’s done a ton of work on Mercury retrogrades, actually, including a really cool eBook that includes tables on when Mercury transits the Sun exactly and how to make the most of it when it does.

It’s only ten dollars and you can grab it here.  In the meantime, for more on tonight’s event, check out what Demetra George had to say about it in her newsletter this week.

Honestly, I wish I could feel more …more intentional about this tonight, this week has totally been leading up to burning some sage and meditating on right actions, but I got felled by a nap from hell this afternoon and woke up groggy with a tickle in my throat.  Oh well, if I sleep through this one, there’s another one coming up in June and in October there’s one conjunct my Moon in Libra!  All this without scanning my iPhemeris, mind you, just glancing at Gary’s eBook.

Awesome!  You should buy it.

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  1. Sabina
    Sabina says:

    I too missed my chance but not by napping: hilariously aptly I was digging out my woodpile from under a foot of snow and chucking the extremely heavy logs up over a fence onto my deck, then stacking them ready for the axe. I guess I subconsciously received the message of the Sabian symbol – ‘Huge Pile of Sawed-Up Wood Insures Heat for Winter’ – and misconstrued it as a literal instruction! Merc ruler here, Gem MC so esp susceptible to Rx crossed wires?
    Winter’s been so winterish this year that I’ve changed the old mantra to ‘Chop water, carry wood’.
    Found you via Frederick, and really enjoying poking around your site.

    • Wonder Bright
      Wonder Bright says:

      Oh Sabina, this really made me giggle! …& may I suggest there is just nothing wrong with a literal translation every now and again? For realz, that wood needs to be chopped!! I love it! …and I’m having winter envy now – it’s so hot in LA, we sidestepped winter completely and went straight for a drought instead. Thanks for the comment, I’m happy to see you here, and welcome!

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