crazy cakes

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The phrase “crazy cakes” has been on the tip of my tongue for the past few weeks.  The thing is I don’t know where I got it, it’s like I made it up except it feels so …so established, somehow.  It seems perfect for this Mars in Libra period, where everything is super duper accelerated somehow.  I looked up my Moon in Libra the other day in Vedic astrology and it turns out it’s actually ruled by Mars in Vedic astrology, which is making sense to me, since I’m not having the upset everyone is complaining about with this transit.  At least not so far.  But I am having CRAZY CAKES.  Seriously, C R A Z Y.

Everything is happening too fast too much too good and I love it.  I’m happy right now, really properly truly happy, but I feel like I’m facing a headlong rush into a deep sugar crash because my mind is getting so far ahead of me all the time.  I find myself fantasizing constantly, I’m away in a happy daydream about things.

This isn’t some new phenomenon for me, I’ve been like this since I was a child, but it’s really intense right now.  Pluto and Jupiter riding my 12th house Sun with Mars on my Moon are really exacerbating it.

To try and keep abreast of it whenever my mind starts acting up, doin’ what it does, I immediately clamp it down and fantasize the exact opposite, the worst thing that could happen next.  Like death and destruction bad.

It’s a 12th house remedial measure, I’m reminding myself that everything goes away in the end.  There’s no point having a vivid fantasy life if you can’t make it work for you.  Even if the good feelings I’m having do come to fruition in the end, there’s never going to be a point in taking it for granted, is there?  Nope, it’s always going to be the case that I’m lucky to have whatever I’ve got right here right now.  Be happy now.

Even if it makes me feel like crazy cakes.

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  1. David Berkson
    David Berkson says:

    Saw this movie last night thought it may hold a key for u.
    “The invisible woman”. Havr u seen it?
    About charles dickens life. The poetry spoken (dialog) is the wonder —- Full

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