favorite person

Today’s Daily Dose of Wonder is brought to you by this short film written by Miranda July in 2006.  I’m trying to think if I’m anyone’s favorite person and I don’t think I am.  I think I have been, I certainly was when I was born, until my brother came along and ruined everything, (jk, he’s really very nice) and maybe I was a couple other times when people were in love with me, but I’m not right now.  It’s a funny way of asking something that everyone would pretty much love to answer yes to, and I love how the characters in their responses are so muted and unconcerned with the question, like it’s not really a big deal to be the most favorite, like it’s not something that preoccupies them or the rest of the world, the idea of being loved, deeply deeply loved all the way down to your toes.

But maybe it’s better to have favorites than to be someone’s favorite.  Playing with my nephew tonight I had the feeling just for a second that the moment might last forever, and I could just get stuck there with him climbing on top of me growling and giggling and marking me up with a pen.  And one day he’ll be too old to do that and won’t think I’m all that fun to play with and I won’t see him so much anymore and I’ll have to find a new favorite.

The good thing is there is always somebody new coming ’round the corner and lots of chances to play.  Favorites are one thing, but forever is a mighty long time.