carrier pigeon medicine

carrier pigeon

I came home tonight and discovered this fine fellow sitting on my kitchen window sill.  There was a band encircling his left foot (claw?) that had clearly been placed there by human hands.  All those WWII novels I read as a child kicked in and I immediately thought, “oh! he must be a carrier pigeon!” before I thought it through.  Does anyone actually use carrier pigeons anymore?  In Los Angeles?!

I looked up carrier pigeons on the Google 8 Ball and discovered that a.) they’re extinct!! and b.)  No they’re not!!  Google 8 Ball is contradictory.  It’s also full of wonders.  But pigeons have lots of human friends, and it turns out people keep them for pets all the time.  This is because they are actually homing pigeons, capable of flying for thousands of miles but always able to return home.

I also looked up Carrier Pigeon in my Medicine Cards book but no dice.  The poor things are probably too domesticated to speak to us from another realm.  Although this guy looked like he had some stories.  Judging by the amount of crap he’d let rain on my floor I’m guessing he’d been there for a good hour or so, just enjoying the view, thinking his pigeon thoughts.

So what does it mean that a Carrier Pigeon flew into my cards tonight?  Well, most pigeons are scavengers, the rats of the avian world, but a carrier pigeon is domesticated, used to human hands and being fed by them.  They haven’t entirely lost their scavenging instincts, so they’re resourceful and crafty, as befitting birds that had to dodge bullets to get their messages home safe.  But ultimately carrier pigeons are domesticated, and have a lot of human friends.  However, like most animals, they’re not, well, you know, human.

So it’s a wild animal that’s been domesticated, it’s between worlds, it’s a messenger…   and no matter how far away they fly, they always return home.

With the ruler of my ascendent in the 4th house but such a heavy 12th house stellium this really speaks to me.  It’s always family and home that saves me in the end.  I can’t go too far away, there’s this tether just pulling me back every time.  And yes, I’m feeling it strongly these days.  Mars retrograding over her Moon will do that to a girl.  What is home?  Where is it?  Who is it?  The umbilical cord is stretched thin right now, pulling me back and in.

So thank you for visiting me, pigeon.  Maybe I’ll see you around some time.