how to cross things off a list


When I woke up yesterday my jaw hurt from the teeth gnashing I’d been doing in the night just stressing about all the stuff I had to do.  Seriously, there were things on my to-do list I’ve been putting off for months.

Fortunately a friend sent me this video, which is basically just a really great message about gratitude and how to generate it and what it provides.  I watched it in bed on my phone putting off getting up and making a start on my day, but for once my procrastination paid off!

Once I was finally up and reaching for my to-do list instead of grabbing my trusty black sharpie that I usually use to cross things off I found myself reaching for this fat ass black crayon instead.  It was a birthday gift from my nephew this year, he included it along with the best Capricorn card ever.  He made the whole card entirely out of this black crayon, which is Saturn’s color – or lack of – and then he insisted that on including the crayon with the card!  Honestly, it’s one of the best gifts I think I ever got.

Basically in the wake of watching this video about gratitude and creating it I had to ask myself what would it look like if I related to my list of things to do as if everything on it was a blessing and something to be grateful for?  Using the crayon to cross things off made it into such a joyful game that I found the whole day passing by pleasantly and I can tell you, hand to my heart, that crossing things out has never been so fun.

The only thing I didn’t get done was the laundry, but yesterday instead of feeling like a failure over that I had this funny thought that it was like I’d saved something for tomorrow!  Like saving dessert for last or something.  Hilarious.  But beats the alternative, let me tell you.

Saturn: it’s not just for grown ups, y’all.