I don’t wanna sell anything

I was talking to a friend tonight about aspirations and not having any.  It put me in mind of this scene from Say Anything, which is just a really good scene and makes me laugh and squirm and nod my head up and down repeatedly.  I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Lloyd because he doesn’t know what he wants or jealous because he knows what he doesn’t.  I definitely envy his clear youthful wisdom about the girl he loves and I’m jealous of Ione Sky’s character who knew enough to just accept his love like she deserved it or something.  Those crazy kids.

I can’t help but feel they have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually making it, but you never know.  Maybe they’re out there in the world where ever it is that imaginary people go when the movie is over with three kids and a mortgage and Lloyd stays at home and they’re just really really happy.  I hope so.