love transforms

Two stories landed in my lap today with similar themes.  12th house imprisonment and transformation through love.  The first has to do with a lad with autism whose mum and dad went the extra mile to understand, to see, and relate with their child.  For years they tried.  Once they found something that worked they kept at it, even though it meant doing things no one else supported or understood for a long time. However, their child became reachable and now he’s twenty years old attending college and living with his girlfriend and roommates.  He’s at the center of his own social group and actively working on his relationships.  The second story is about a young man imprisoned for life at seventeen.  He’s thirty-four now.  His love is the thing that transformed him.  His connectedness to the people around him, his ability to see himself in others and to mirror them.  He might not put it that way, but it’s what I see.

I’m grateful for these stories today.  Reminders not to hide from your darkness, but to own it and live with the connection it brings you to others.  Reminders to open not close and to turn to, not away.