on wilde things and the taming of them

Last night I posted about the homing pigeon that came to visit me.  It put me in mind of that fabulous film from 1998 starring Jane Horrocks in the title role, Little Voice.  If you haven’t seen it the clip above will make absolutely no sense at all, but honestly, it’s one of Michael Caine’s greatest performances.  It definitely won’t make sense if you haven’t seen it why a homing pigeon should have put me in mind of it, but it’s because Ewan McGregor, seen briefly in the clip above saving LV from a burning building, keeps homing pigeons.  He’s absolutely besotted with them to the point where they’re the only creatures he can talk to.  He’s cripplingly shy around anyone else.

Then he meets LV and he wants desperately to talk to her, but she’s just as painfully shy as he is.  After my visit from the homing pigeon last night I was thinking about his character and how he ultimately gained LV’s trust, because now I see how the whole thing is set up from the beginning because he’s a homing pigeon owner.  He’s used to wild things and he doesn’t begrudge them their flights.  He’s just home waiting for them at the end of it all.

In this video, we see the dissolution of Michael Caine’s character, who tried unsuccessfully to tame LV and the horrors that beset him in the wake of his failure.  Meanwhile, Ewan McGregor, who didn’t try to “tame” LV, only just loved her, is the one for whom she can finally just sing.  When she wants to.

That’s the thing about wild things, they really don’t belong to you, they must choose you.  And the truth is, we are all wild at heart.  Some of us might be a little more wild on the surface, but inside – inside we are all wild and toothsome.

This is why they say if you love something set it free.  It’s because ultimately we all need to be free, and while it doesn’t make sense, it’s true that when you set someone else something else free, it’s your own heart you release.

So may you be wild, precious treasures

May you be bold

May you be loved

& may you be free