The Good Wife: Pluto takes all

Will Gardner, one sock, one shoe

Sigh.  I’ve been avoiding writing this because I’M SAD, YOU GUYS.  Will’s DEAD.

Seriously, wtf.  I feel like he’s the first casualty of this Uranus Pluto square.  My Facebook feed is going off with examples of political unrest in foreign countries and that earthquake the other night rattled my cage something chronic, but when Will actually DIED on The Good Wife last week – well, it was my first friend to actually be felled by this transit.

I know, I know, he’s a just tv friend, but I take those pretty seriously, and I really really loved Will.  Remember when he got all ragey and Plutonic when Alecia left the firm at the beginning of the season?  Of how ’bout when he started sleeping with that rocker chick he picked up at the bar and gunning for Alecia’s new firm like he was gonna bury them six feet deep?

Well, those were the days, my friends.  The only person getting buried six feet deep now is him.  Because of all my apocalyptic anxiety (Pluto conjunct my Sun, yo) I can’t help but worry this is foreshadowing of the worst kind in terms of what to expect next month when the Cardinal Cross hits us, but then I think DON’T BE RIDICULOUS, it’s just a tv show, you ninny hammer.

But seriously, nobody else die, OK, you guys?  Can’t we just make a pact or something?

Fucking Pluto.