tonight you belong to me

I came across this video years ago and it instantly became one of my favorite youtube videos ever.  I haven’t even seen The Jerk, which probably makes me a jerk, but there you are.  There’s something about the bit at the end that is just so Cancer guy to me, which of course, is my kryptonite.

Turns out Steve Martin has Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house, with Saturn ruling his 7th house of marriage and partnership.  So it stands to reason he would be Cancerian in his approach to lovers, bless him.

Then this super sweet dad posted this video of he and his daughter covering this song last year and of course I fell so in love with both of them. Dear dear dad and daughter. Makes me want to take up my ukelele again.

A nice antidote to earthquake fears.  Rinse, repeat.