we’re one but we’re not the same

I’ve found my theme song for Mars retrograding through Libra.  The hard parts anyway, the bits that tear at my Libra Moon and leave me feeling raw.  Of course it’s Johnny Cash – who knew more about true love and ruination?  …of course it turns out he was born with Venus in Aries, so he knew a little something about fighting for love, which is the conundrum that faces us all now.

This is really part of a longer post I will start writing tomorrow, but in brief, so far what’s coming up for me is my insatiable need for acknowledgement and love.  I just want to be liked.  What I’m looking at is what happens when that doesn’t happen.  I’m choosing to see this retrograde period as an opportunity to give up needing approval from others and generating it myself, independently of external circumstance.  What would my life be like if I wasn’t so worried about what other people thought of me?  How much stronger would my love be?

How far could I carry you then?


Did I ask too much
More than a lot
You gave me nothing
Now it’s all I got
We’re one
But we’re not the same
Well we
Hurt each other
Then we do it again
You say
Love is a temple
Love a higher law
Love is a temple
Love the higher law
You ask me to enter
But then you make me crawl
And I can’t be holding on
To what you got
When all you got is hurt

One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we’re not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other