Blood Moon 1

4-15-14 lunar eclipse

Gosh the moon is pretty tonight.  I stood at my window taking pictures of it for about forty minutes thinking I should stop taking pictures of it and just watch it, but I couldn’t stop trying to catch it with my puny little smartphone.  Like there’s something to catch, like there’s some way of pulling the Moon down to earth and making it mine, taking it for my own.

Futile attempt but I don’t regret it.  It’s a wild wild moon, my friends.  Full moons are always good for catching sight of things we’ve seen only in our periphery until the full moon brings it into focus.  This full moon’s an eclipse and visible up here in North America to boot. An eclipse in Libra is all about relationships, about seeing into the heart of another for better or worse.  With Mars going through Libra this one’s a bit of a doozy, and it’s activating that cardinal cross Chani and I talked about the other day.  It’s a tough one mostly because it demands equal parts listening and expressing.  It’s time to do both, if we can.

I’m restless and anxious and I’ve been overeating for three days.  I can’t take in anymore.  Honestly, my plan is to sleep through the whole thing, I am just exhausted and I don’t think I can eat another bite.  If I weren’t so overwhelmed I’d be off to the top of the hill tonight to watch it at the Griffith Observatory.  But I am tired. I’ll turn in early and sleep through it, if I can, let my dreams be infused with whatever is to come.  Let it work through my subconscious.  My conscious isn’t cooperating the way I’d like it to, time to give it a break.

Listen to yourselves, dear ones, and listen to each other.  It is time to listen, for if we don’t, how can we hear?