Dark Flight

Have you guys seen this?  A Norwegian skydiver narrowly escaped being clipped in half by a 5 kilo meteorite traveling about 300 Kilometers an hour.  The rock had burnt out, which is why its descent is called a “dark flight.”

I love that phrase.  How many times have you burnt out and hurtled to the ground soundlessly?  If you’re anything like me, quite a lot.

This rock hasn’t been found yet, presumably it buried itself so far in the earth upon arrival that it’s simply not visible.  I’ve done that too.

Not now, I can’t imagine doing this now, but yes, I’ve done this.  And I’m keenly aware this month is landing differently for everyone, so this one is for anyone finding it all just a little too much to bear, feeling that it’s time to close your eyes and just drop, to fall to earth.

If you must, you must, don’t fight it, dear hearts, but don’t hit anyone on the way down, and try to leave some sort of trail so we can find you afterwards.

It may not feel like it, but we are here and we’re all in this together.  We are all just hurtling through space ourselves, after all, dark flight or no.